Kaushik Saha

SVP, Quantitative Research


Kaushik Saha is an institutional investment specialist with experience in managing investment portfolios for a range of risk budgets, from enhanced cash to market-neutral strategies. Kaushik’s 22 year career has led him to the mastery of many aspects of investment management and research, including quantitative asset allocation, trading, risk hedging and proprietary model development. As Senior Vice President of Quantitative Research for Hercules Investments, Mr. Saha is primarily responsible for the research and development of the company’s systematic investment strategies.

Prior to joining Hercules in 2019, Kaushik was Chief Investment Officer at Black King Capital. He held previous roles as Portfolio Manager and Head of Securitized Investments at Newfleet Asset Management. Prior to Newfleet he served as Portfolio Manager, Securitized Credit, as well as Head of Mortgage Research at Barclays Global Investors. Kaushik also discharged the role of Director of Mortgage Research and Model Development at Freddie Mac.

Kaushik holds a BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai, an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina, and an MBA in Finance from The Johns Hopkins University.