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About Us

We provide institutional quality investment services with sophistication comparable to top investment managers, while ensuring our extent and quality of client servicing and bottom line investment performance, far exceeds the level offered by our peers.

Differentiated Strategies|
All-Weather Performance|
Models-Based Idea Generation|
Rules-Based Process and Execution|
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Key Strengths

Differentiated Strategies

  • Market Neutral Performance

  • High Liquidity & Transparency

  • Index Options & ETFs

We specialize in actively managed and systematic investment strategies to monetize investment performance - alpha - from equity market volatility. We apply this expertise to additionally offer highly liquid, growth focused equity strategies that are market-hedged to effectively generate all-weather performance. The Hercules Investments product set offers individuals, advisors & intermediaries with access to differentiated standalone strategies, as well as unique components to their overall investment allocation.

Key Strengths

All-Weather Performance

  • Low Market-Correlation

  • Low Portfolio Drawdown

  • Versatile Risk Management

Our active management and risk hedging of every portfolio strategy ensures, the investment performance has low correlation to broad equity markets and can sustain market down-cycles with little portfolio drawdown.

Key Strengths

Models-Based Idea Generation

  • Increased Scalability

  • Optimized Efficiencies

  • Broad Market Coverage

We take a systematic, data and model driven approach to investing. It allows us to multiply the purview of our markets with greater ease and precision, and significantly cut down decision-making time.

Key Strengths

Rules-Based Process and Execution

  • Emotion or Bias-Free

  • Error Minimization

  • Consistent Transparency

We budget our trade exposures to different risk factors and periodically conduct a post-hoc analysis of realized portfolio performance. Our rules-based trading takes the subjectivity and individual behavior out of the process, minimizing the scope for errors and performance inconsistency.

Key Strengths

Cutting Edge Research and Systems

  • In-House R&D

  • Best-In-Class Adoption

  • Periodic Revisions

Hercules’ research and analytics reflects the decades of experience and skill-set of our R&D members. We take a regular and methodical approach to challenge and incrementally improve upon our investment and research platforms, to ensure the most current best-practices are applied.

Key Strengths

Personalized Client Attention

  • High-Touch Service

  • Full & Easy Accessibility

  • Open Communication

Our Portfolio Solutions are customized to each client’s needs after the client has understood the Investment Factors influencing future portfolio performance and is comfortable with his/her risk exposure. Our client onboarding process guides the investor to make a customized and disciplined investment plan. The tool incorporates criteria such as the investor's objective, contributions, risk appetite and liquidity needs to calculate a client risk score and retirement glidepath which translates supplied criteria to a constructed portfolio.