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About Us

Hercules Investments is a World Class portfolio manager for growth-seeking individual investors.

Differentiated Strategies|
All-Weather Performance|
Models-Based Idea Generation|
Rules-Based Process and Execution|
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Key Strengths

Differentiated Strategies

  • Market Neutral Performance

  • High Liquidity & Transparency

  • Index Options & ETFs

We specialize in actively managed and systematic investment strategies to monetize investment performance - alpha - from equity market volatility. We apply this expertise to additionally offer highly liquid, growth focused equity strategies that are market-hedged to effectively generate all-weather performance. The Hercules Investments product set offers individuals, advisors & intermediaries with access to differentiated standalone strategies, as well as unique components to their overall investment allocation.

Key Strengths

All-Weather Performance

  • Low Market-Correlation

  • Low Portfolio Drawdown

  • Versatile Risk Management

Our active management and risk hedging of every portfolio strategy ensures, the investment performance has low correlation to broad equity markets and can sustain market down-cycles with little portfolio drawdown.

Key Strengths

Models-Based Idea Generation

  • Increased Scalability

  • Optimized Efficiencies

  • Broad Market Coverage

We take a systematic, data and model driven approach to investing. It allows us to multiply the purview of our markets with greater ease and precision, and significantly cut down decision-making time.

Key Strengths

Rules-Based Process and Execution

  • Emotion or Bias-Free

  • Error Minimization

  • Consistent Transparency

We budget our trade exposures to different risk factors and periodically conduct a post-hoc analysis of realized portfolio performance. Our rules-based trading takes the subjectivity and individual behavior out of the process, minimizing the scope for errors and performance inconsistency.

Key Strengths

Cutting Edge Research and Systems

  • In-House R&D;

  • Best-In-Class Adoption

  • Periodic Revisions

Hercules’ research and analytics reflects the decades of experience and skill-set of our R&D; members. We take a regular and methodical approach to challenge and incrementally improve upon our investment and research platforms, to ensure the most current best-practices are applied.

Key Strengths

Personalized Client Attention

  • High-Touch Service

  • Full & Easy Accessibility

  • Open Communication

Our Portfolio Solutions are customized to each client’s needs after the client has understood the Investment Factors influencing future portfolio performance and is comfortable with his/her risk exposure. Our client onboarding process guides the investor to make a customized and disciplined investment plan. The tool incorporates criteria such as the investor's objective, contributions, risk appetite and liquidity needs to calculate a client risk score and retirement glidepath which translates supplied criteria to a constructed portfolio.



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