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Growth Strategies

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Our Risk-Hedged Growth investment strategies seek to deliver outperformance beyond market averages over time, by investing in market segments that offer the best prospect for sustained disproportionate long-term growth. They present an attractive solution to investors seeking high growth because a portfolio of such investments in focused market segments displays a secular growth trajectory that is potentially much steeper than sector and market indices, especially over longer time horizons. The strategies fully participate in periods of market upside, while a dynamic market risk hedge allocation within, ensures protection of the portfolio from market downturns.


Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Crypto-Assets and E-commerce investment strategies make up three central disruptive innovation theme-based offerings by us as a means to outperform major market benchmarks through economic cycles.

In business theory, a disruptive innovation is a transformation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network. In the process, established market-leading firms, products and alliances are displaced and entire industry-sectors and large parts of existing industries evolve.

In the 21st century, disruptive themes are typically technology driven and evolve at ever-increasing pace. These technologies are based on an accumulated foundation of advances in science and intellect which pose a daunting challenge for outsiders including investors to digest into an informed decision.


These strategies allow investors the opportunity to profit from a vast cross section of the global economy through equity ownership in companies in various industries and sectors ranging from utilities to technology. As vast as this investment arena is, there are many other avenues available for an investor to tap into other parts of the economy previously unrepresented in the portfolio. These include Fixed Income, Commodities, Currencies, Energy and Real Estate among others.

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, have equipped the individual investor with unprecedented access to powerful alternative investment strategies. Hercules ETF expertise provides its clients the ability to buy an entire sector with one fund, profit from commodity prices, and employ leverage and shorting to be effectively accomplished with ETFs in the energy sector. This approach allows the investor to profit from macro driven investment themes without betting on the outcomes of single companies.


Hercules High Income investment strategies invest in dividend paying equity securities and funds, that give investors two sources of potential return: a source of income from periodic dividend payments and the potential for capital appreciation over time.

Buying dividend stocks can be an effective approach for investors looking to generate a future income stream, or those looking to build long-term wealth by reinvesting dividend payments. They can also be appealing to investors looking for lower-risk investments, as they are typically found among dividend paying stocks.

Risk Hedged Growth Strategies
Our thematic investment process starts with a top-down fundamentally driven analysis of industries, sectors and segments to identify new or advancing theories, concepts, products, services, processes and solutions that result in ecosystems that produce new sources of revenues. The end goal is the identification of the super-set of publicly traded companies that qualify to be included for further analysis. This is followed by a rigorous bottom-up analysis and screening of the identified group for investment that is repeated periodically.

Our analysis involves the following 3 steps: 1) Idea generation - that involves the screening of 1000+ innovative companies that are deploying infrastructure and enabling technologies or developing software and applications. 2) Fundamental Research - wherein a shortlist of 100-150 stocks are evaluated for their impact on future growth, profitability and competitive advantage while meeting value, growth and quality criteria. 3) Portfolio Construction - that involves a selection of about 6 to 40 holdings with weights based on assessed valuations. "

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