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In meeting your investment goals, the investment team at Hercules Investments creates investment portfolio end-solutions customized to each client’s needs after the client has understood the Investment Factors influencing future portfolio performance and is comfortable with his/her risk exposure. Our custom all-weather portfolio solutions are grouped into 3 categories based on the client’s investment objective and risk appetite. They are: Defensive, Moderate and Aggressive.


The Hercules all-weather Defensive investment strategy focuses on targeting growth with loss minimization as its risk management objective. The strategy is actively managed and in benign times, the portfolio opportunistically increases its risk exposure to strategic sectors, economies and asset classes in small amounts to secure upside from a risk controlled portion of its portfolio.


The Hercules all-weather Moderate investment strategy is mindful of loss minimization as its risk management objective and at the same time opportunistically increases the portfolio risk exposure to capture upside from strategic sectors and asset classes. The portfolio is designed to balance protection against potential capital losses, with meaningful investment growth.


The Hercules all-weather Aggressive investment strategy focuses on generating higher than average returns by taking a higher degree of risk, opportunistically and in a controlled manner. The strategy emphasizes capital appreciation as the primary source of investment return, with income generation and capital preservation as secondary objectives.

All Weather Portfolios
All weather portfolio solutions share the following characteristics: They are actively managed on a daily basis to protect and profit from market factors and their collective influence on portfolio holdings. Portfolio holdings are liquid. The investment team ensures all investments retain high price transparency, even over periods of high market stress. Most portfolio holdings are in index ETF form. The portfolio is hedged against broad market downturns. The portfolios include an allocation to a loss protection mechanism that mitigates portfolio drawdowns.

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