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  • High Sigma Strategy

    In financial markets, larger-than-average price changes equate to increased volatility, or sigma (σ), which reflects some unexpected news or event that prompted the repricing.

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  • Gamma Yield Strategy

    Actively managed systematic volatility strategies* provide highly liquid sources of investment returns that benefit from equity market volatility. These strategies are based on the premise that volatility

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  • Index Trend Reversal Strategy

    Trend reversal simply means that the price of a stock, a stock index, currencies, etc., often moves directionally, either upward or downward over some period, such as intraday or over a week

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  • Portfolio Strategy Fact Sheet

    The Hercules SV portfolio strategy seeks to generate alpha utilizing equity index options by leveraging internally developed algorithm-based trading models and a rules-based investment process

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  • 2020 US Presidential Election Overlay Strategy

    History has repeatedly shown that regardless of the outcome of a US Presidential Election, equity markets are subject to a characteristic, sudden drop.

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  • Hercules Investments Brochure

    It is an alternative investment manager specializing in systematic investment strategies that extract returns based on market volatility and risk-hedged growth opportunities.

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